New Title: Land of Mine

We’re happy to announce a new book to our catalog, Land of Mine by Elizabeth Boyd Miller. A poetry book inspired by the beautiful nature of Norway.

Land of Mine is a collection of poetry that captures that notion that we are all one with nature, and through one’s free ability to roam free in the outdoors, we fully nourish, revive, and rejuvenate. Without nature being a part of the lives of mankind, souls and the creativity that is embraced therein would perish. Land of Mine is the capstone that sews together a variety of moments in a person’s life where they truly flourish in nature, through their interactions with various flowers, trees, lands, and other natural, living beings which, together, keep one another preserved, fulfilled and alive.

Norwegian bookstores can now order copies directly from Boknett/Mentor.

For readers, you can buy copies directly from us, on Bookis, and Amazon for international orders.