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Percival Publishing exists primarily to manage the publications of Sean Percival, an American venture capitalist living in Norway. Although we also support other authors in the areas of sales, distribution, and access to the Norwegian market. Our books cover the topics of work culture, travel, entrepreneurship, and more.

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Our philosophy

We believe that authors and not publishers should fully own the rights to their work. After working with several publishers it became clear the old way of publishing no longer works for up-and-coming indie authors. So we do things differently leveraging online marketing tools and smooth distribution channels. As a result, when you buy our books more money goes to the authors themselves.

The Norwegian book market

We also help international authors access the Norwegian book market. This small but lucrative market has its own unique way of doing things. We take care of the backend automation and marketing needs to sell your books in Norway. Start making new sales without giving up any of the rights to your work. We don’t want em’!

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