New Title: Living with Norwegians

We’re happy to announce the new title of Living with Norwegians, a companion and follow-up book to Working with Norwegians.

This guide is a collection of personal experiences, Norwegian stereotypes, and friendly advice on how to survive life in Norway. It’s the ideal starting point for someone who is curious about life in Norway and for those already in the process of making the move. Learn how to adapt to life in Norway and better understand the sometimes-peculiar Norwegians themselves.

The book will ship in early December but you can pre-order it today:

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New Title: Land of Mine

We’re happy to announce a new book to our catalog, Land of Mine by Elizabeth Boyd Miller. A poetry book inspired by the beautiful nature of Norway.

Land of Mine is a collection of poetry that captures that notion that we are all one with nature, and through one’s free ability to roam free in the outdoors, we fully nourish, revive, and rejuvenate. Without nature being a part of the lives of mankind, souls and the creativity that is embraced therein would perish. Land of Mine is the capstone that sews together a variety of moments in a person’s life where they truly flourish in nature, through their interactions with various flowers, trees, lands, and other natural, living beings which, together, keep one another preserved, fulfilled and alive.

Norwegian bookstores can now order copies directly from Boknett/Mentor.

For readers, you can buy copies directly from us, on Bookis, and Amazon for international orders.


New Title: Startup Buzzword Dictionary

We’re happy to announce a new book to our catalog, the Startup Buzzword Dictionary from The Lunicorn and Matt Smith.

The Startup Buzzword Dictionary is a cartoon illustrated dictionary of 23 common startup buzzwords from Bootstrapping to Exit. Each page has a unique QR code that links to a video and more online content about that buzzword. The book aims to inform and entertain the reader about the wonderful world of Startup.

Norwegian bookstores can now order copies directly from Boknett/Mentor.

For readers, you can buy copies directly from us, on Bookis, and Amazon for international orders.


Investing in BoldBooks

We’re happy to announce investing in Boldbooks, a Norwegian startup disrupting the publishing industry and helping indie authors be more successful.

As part of the fundraising, Boldbooks was able to raise 5.7M NOK (approx $650K) to strengthen the product offering and expand into new markets like Germany.

About Bold Books

BoldBooks wants to change the way we publish books. It is a conservative industry we are trying to turn around, but now there is a movement going on.

Since 2017, BoldBooks has had Norway as its test market and now in 2021 everything is rigged to start marketing in Germany.

Through the marketplace on , authors get direct access to the same services that publishers have. Thus, the authors can skip the publishing stage, publish equally good books and keep the income, control and rights themselves.

Through the partnership with an online bookstore Bookis, we will work together to promote independent authors. There will be a separate sales channel for indie writers and we will carry out joint marketing activities.

Another exciting collaborative project is something the indie authors have been asking of us for a long time, namely real print-on-demand (printing, packaging and mailing after each individual book purchase). BoldBooks has a letter of intent to realize this in 2021. It will enable even more people to invest in publishing their own book.

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