Living with Norwegians (Paperback)

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The guide for moving to and surviving Norway

This guide is a collection of personal experiences, Norwegian stereotypes, and friendly advice on how to survive life in Norway. It’s the ideal starting point for someone who is curious about life in Norway and for those already in the process of making the move. Learn how to adapt to life in Norway and better understand the sometimes-peculiar Norwegians themselves.

This is for the paperback which is a black and white version. For a high-quality and full-color version please purchase the hard cover.


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3 reviews for Living with Norwegians (Paperback)

  1. Travis

    A wonderful follow up to Working with Norwegians and essential guide for anyone moving to Norway.

  2. Sacha T. Y. Fortuné

    A tongue-in-cheek go-to guide with helpful tips to get you set up in Norway and integrate into Norwegian culture…

  3. Paul (UK Expat)

    I’ve lived in Norway for over 10years now, I wish I had this book when I arrived!

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