Marketing WTF


Your quick guide to the many acronyms of online marketing

This book works as a dictionary of the online marketing acronyms you should know. You’ll learn what the acronym means and also what other names it goes by (AKAs). Since many online marketing acronyms are also formulas, we’ll break down the formula in simple natural language for you. Finally, you’ll learn how to use the acronym in a sentence with a colleague, with investors, and the ever so useful at a party context. Impress your coworkers and friends with your knowledge of these marketing terms. Or just use this book as a cheat sheet to know WTF all these things mean.

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Who This Book is For

Online Marketers

You should be experts in all these terms and how how to calculate them

Newbie Marketer

Just getting started? This book is perfect for understanding the terminology.

Paid Media Buyers

Know your CPCs from CPAs and then some.

Social Media Marketers

It’s nice to get likes on Instagram but learn how to measure more.


It makes a great gift for students who are interested in marketing.

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